BaySave Corporation

Baysave is a 501(c)(3) New Jersey charity focused on environmental stabilization and advocacy for the interests of diverse stakeholders at the Delaware Bay.

Community investment program launched

After years of endless post-Sandy meetings, discussion and planning, we've decided that it is time to take matters into our own hands and take action to give a lift to our working waterfront community at Money Island New Jersey. Baysave will administer the new community investment fund as it evolves over the coming months to fund small projects in aquaculture, commercial fisheries and public access. This project may turn out to be a combination of financing projects but the goal is the same: provide capital to rebuild our infrastructure, create jobs and build a sustainable future. We are seeking interested individuals who may wish to be involved in governance or the project, utilize their existing resources (buildings, materials, equipment) as in-kind investment or make capital investment of any size.

2017 annual filing available

A copy of Baysave's annual Form 990PF filing with the Internal Revenue Service is available online. 

Update on 2018 land stabilization projects

red knotsOur efforts in 2018 will be focused on physical and legal stabilizing projects for about 25 acres of shore land at Nantuxent Cove through sustainable living shoreline redevelopment for diverse stakeholders. The projects require permitting from state government. We anticipate a combination of nonprofit and for-profit efforts to raise the estimated $100,000 that will be needed for physical and legal stabilization. Baysave will focus on the projects that cannot be funded by private businesses, government or educational institutions. We expected to work closely with a number of partners in this effort. However, this work was postponed when the NJDEP took legal action to speed up the permitting practice, causing donors and partners to withdraw support for the project. We will focus on resolving the NJDEP legal issues first and then return to raising funds for stabilization and legalization of the local lands.   

State of New Jersey vs. Tony Novak et. al.

aquaculture lab

Update: On August 9, 2018 this matter was heard in NJ Superior Court in Woodbury that resulted in a favorable ruling. We now have the beginnings of a range of land use permitting applications underway. Judge McDonnell made a joke saying that the word "deficiency" and "NJDEP" are often heard in close proximity but the Court did not seem concerned with pursuing the complaints that originally triggered the legal action as long as we continue to make progress. Working with NJDEP may continue to be long and tedious process, but it is one where we share a common vision of a fully compliant community. 

Baysave was named as a defendant in an unusual lawsuit brought by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal. Coverage will be posted on our blog as the case progresses. Read more...

NJ aquaculture development planning

Baysave expanded support for operations in crabbing this season and plans to submit an application for oyster growing. The state of New Jersey renewed Tony Novak's aquatic farming license for a five year period of 2017-2022. We continue to look for a way to obtain a commercial crab harvesting license.

Family fishing facility opens

family fishing dockA new recreational family fishing facility is now open at Money Island NJ. The first Family Fishing Dock consists of a 70 foot stationary pier, a 20 foot ramp, two sections of floating dock totaling 400 square feet with rod holders, bench and shade cover on one section was launched in 2015. The second location was opened in 2016. These are the only floating dock facility in this region that are open to the public. The site is also the scene of an ongoing living shoreline restoration project that is intended to boost the number and variety of fish for the long term. The facility is free for kids, $5 for adults. The fee covers the cost of the area’s only running water restroom, trash and recycling handling and other site maintenance provided by the local marina manager.

party dock             hatchery dock added 2016

Delaware River fish sampling tests

New Jersey Department of Fish and Game fish sampling test results are available for 2015. We looked at the recent test results from the perspective of implications for the Delaware Bay.

Blue crab facts

Concerns over the impact of recent weather events triggered this compilation of facts about blue claw crabs.

Oyster restoration resources launched a new page dedicated to oyster restoration news and reports from around the world.

Delaware Bay seagull and barge

Living Shorelines Restoration Project

This spring we launched  restoration projects on three new sites utilizing gardening methods specifically adapted to the waters of the Delaware Bay. Shoreline gardening is a great way for property owners to help improve their local watershed.  See more details and photos.

Water quality report

This 2012 report by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) details the water quality of the Delaware Bay and might be considered the bible of local water quality information. More recent post-Sandy studies and their resulting governmental actions by NJDEP are more controversial and not so widely accepted even among the environmental groups and government agencies with interests in water quality.

Disappearing shoreline towns

The small town of Port Mahon, Delaware was already lost to rising water level along the Delaware Bay shores. Now the last of the surviving roadway to a public boat launch is threatened. This year, Baypoint New Jersey is headed for the same fate.

Nantuxent Creek           Baypoint NJ


Sea level rise response in Mid-Atlantic communities

On September 14, 2012  Delaware's sea level response report was presented to the residents of Delaware Bay communities in Delaware outlining the four possible responses and the estimated costs of each response. The report is meant to helps evaluate the environmental, social, business, political and financial impact over the coming decades.

Mid-Atlantic sea level response blog

We launched a new sea level rise response blog page in August to compile news reports of various communities' response to sea level rise as official projections and planned evacuation strategies are disseminated to residents.